cap_emergencyDid you know CAP members were the first to fly over the World Trade  Center after the September 11th terrorist attacks to take aerial images of the  disaster site? Also, CAP members were first in the air to take damage  assessment photographs after Hurricane Rita slammed into the Gulf Coast  in September 2005.

Originally established in the 1940’s, the Civil Air Patrol began its service mission conducting coastal patrols during World War II.

firefight2Today the Civil Air Patrol continues its service mission both in the air and on the ground. With 65,000 active volunteers and a fleet of over 550 small aircraft equipped to provide search & rescue and homeland security missions, the United States Air Force relies on the highly-trained volunteers of CAP to perform 90 percent of its inland search & rescue missions.

Cadets of the Civil Air Patrol are given an immense amount of responsibility. Cadets can participate in actual missions assigned by the Air Force by serving as a Mission Radio Operator, Ground Team Member, Flight Line Marshaller, or even a Ground Team Leader.