The Cadet Program is for boys and girls, ages 12-18. Being in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program is fun, educational, a great way to volunteer and even start your career as a teen. Even if you do not intend to join the military, the Civil Air Patrol looks great on college applications.

Benefits of being a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet

Weekly Meetings & Events
Participate in weekly meetings where you learn leadership skills, receive aerospace education, learn customs and courtesies and enhance your physical fitness.

Receive Aerospace Education
Cadets complete aerospace education as one of the requirements to progress through the  achievement levels of the cadet program. Aerospace education is done during weekly meetings, where our senior members plan activities and experiments. We also have special outings to places like the National Museum of the US Air Force / Wright Patterson and the Cleveland Air Show.

Orientation FlightsGet Free Orientation Flights (O-flights)
Yes, you get to experience flight! You will get up to five free orientation flights in a powered Civil Air Patrol aircraft, up to five free flights in a glider, and even unlimited flights as a passenger in a CAP plane, when available.

Attend National Cadet Specia Activities
Go to special Civil Air Patrol-only cadet activities across the United States. Attend camps like the Engineering Academy, Hawk Mountain Search & Rescue School, Space Command Course, a Powered or Glider Flight Academy, or even the International Cadet Exchange.

firefight2Learn Emergency Services
Help the USAF with search and rescue! Almost 95% of all inland searches by the USAF is done by Civil Air Patrol members. You will receive emergency services training at meetings and special events throughout the year.

Attend Bivouacs (Campouts)
The Medina Skyhawks try to do campouts throughout the year. Some are in primitive tents, and others are in cabins  – you will have a blast camping, learn something and make new friends.

Gain Leadership Skills and Build Character
When you attend a meeting, you will notice all cadets and senior members adhering to the customs and courtesies of the USAF. Each cadet learns about the core values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect. These serve as CAP’s ethical framework for its service to America, and are based on the core values of the U.S. Air Force: integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

Volunteer in your community
Our squadron helps our community in many ways. We help with aerospace education in the library system, help with parking at local events, we volunteer at a haunted house, and any other local events where we can pitch in.

DSC_1323Wreaths Across America
Each year, the Medina Skyhawks help the Wreaths Across America mission by gathering sponsorship’s locally for wreaths to be placed on veterans graves. We also spend a day laying the wreaths at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery.

Learn Drills & Honor Guard
Part of every meeting is devoted to practicing drills – which teaches cadets to work as a team. Our squadron also provides honor guard detail to ceremonies. An honor guard is a ceremonial unit composed of cadets who are carefully screened for their physical ability and dexterity. Only those persons who are highly motivated and maintain exceptionally high standards of appearance and conduct and show aptitude for ceremonial duty are likely to be considered. An honor guard serves as the “guardians of the colors” by displaying and escorting the national flag on ceremonial occasions.

Cadets can attend a week-long training encampment during the summer. During these encampments, which are usually conducted on Air Force bases, CAP exposes cadets to Air Force values and traditions.

valek_handshakeWear the USAF Uniform and Earn Promotions
Wear the USAF uniform and earn promotions and awards in your squadron and at the Ohio Wing and National level.