Despite monsoon-like conditions (which actually offered relief from the high humidity and heat), Cadets and Senior Members had a great time participating in an STX (Squadron Training Exercise) at Hubbard Valley Park in Wadsworth.

The day started with two teams being separated and given the order to go out and search for intel and radio/comms gear – each marked by a hanging light marker and envelope containing instructions.  The teams returning to base with the most intel/comms gear would win the exercise. Certain envelopes contained intel, or instead a letter explaining some physical harm scenario requiring the team to treat a member in the field and then take them back to base for ‘healing’. A ‘harm’ letter slowed that teams ability to find additional markers/intel/comms gear.

The exercise taught leadership, teamwork, search techniques, land nav and field first aid.

The Cadets and Senior Members enjoyed the activity immensely and are still trying to dry out uniforms and gear.

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