15DEC16 – At our weekly meeting, we performed CPX “ABLE HAWK II” – an exercise created by 2nd Lt Ryan McNeilly, Our Deputy Commander of Cadets. The simulation was intended to teach us how to provide incident command in response to a MOCK explosion at an airport.

All Cadets, senior members and visitors were thrown into the mock scenario, and roles were assigned to accomplish the mission of controlling the incident. Throughout the evening, envelopes were opened exposing follow-on emergency situations and additional details about the incident to keep the story ever-changing. This lesson taught all involved the importance of communication, leadership, incident command structure, and using the tools and technologies available to us to control an incident.

Following the exercise, we discussed what we did correctly and areas where we could improve. This exercise was a follow-up to CPX “ABLE HAWK I” and the team did a much better job with this incident, proving we are learning.


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