skyhawks_logo_CAP_l150Our unit is interested in uncovering our history. Our squadron, the Medina County Skyhawks was chartered on 3 November 1976. While we have some documents, including a few Commanders Commendations (1981, 1982-86) and a Squadron of Merit certificate from 1998, the details have been lost. I would be interested in hearing from former Skyhawks about what they remember. Please help us fill in the gaps and share some great Skyhawks memories. Send your brief recollections to Capt. Dona Stein at

Squadron Commanders

1Lt Glenn Somodi 2016-Present
Capt. Dona Stein 2012-2015
Capt. Steve Nagy 2011- 2012
Capt. Jason Kaufmann (now MAJ) 2007-2011
Capt. Steve Merriman
Capt. Jim Woodard
Capt. David Sears
Capt. Chuck Kinkle
Maj. Mary Carter
Capt Steven Stein (6 mos)
Capt. Christopher Smith 1990
1LT Steven Stein (6 mos)
Capt. Al Buhvecki
Capt. James Butler

Ohio Wing PatchCadet Commanders

C/TSgt John Thomas 2015-PRESENT
C/C2Lt Mark Chapman 2014-2015
C/CMSgt Christopher Haas 2014
C/Capt Andrew Campbell 2012-2014
C/1st Lt Matthew Nedolast 2011-2012
C/2Lt Matthew Thomas 2011
C/2Lt Jeremy Marcum 2010-2011
C/2Lt Jacob Stein 2009-2010
C/2Lt Jonathan Herman 2008-2009
C/2Lt Michael Merriman
C/Capt. Adam Essenmacher
C/Capt Nick Zachman