youshouldbehereConsider yourself invited!
The best way to see what Medina Skyhawks and the Civil Air Patrol is about is to come to any of our meetings. Medina Skyhawks currently meet on Thursday Evenings from 6:30pm – 9:00pm at SkyPark Airport, 3071 Greenwich Rd., Wadsworth, Ohio, 44203.

Simply let us know you are coming so we can plan to have a senior member and/or a cadet introduce themselves and explain what is happening during the meeting.

Every week we are doing something different. Depending on the week you visit you may see a meeting where we are doing one or many of the following activities:

  • Aerospace education
  • Character building and leadership training
  • Drill and Honor Guard training
  • Physical fitness – exercise and games
  • Safety training
  • Emergency service training
  • Practice search & rescue operations
  • Handing out promotions and awards
  • Planning bivouacs(campouts) and special squadron outings.

What should you wear to our meetings?

Please come as you are! Depending on the meeting you attend, you may find us wearing our UOD (Uniform of the Day):

  • First meeting of the month – BDU (Camouflage Uniforms)
  • Second  meeting – BDU with PT Gear under (Black shirt, black shorts, tennis shoes)
  • Third meeting – BDUs
  • Fourth  meeting – Blues
  • Fifth meeting (if applicable) – As required, will be announced

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